Building 6



Building 6 is a new luxuriously finished storage and administrative building. It accommodates two attractive show rooms. The building is located parallel with Christopher Columbus Blvd. The easiest and convenient access by car is through entrance ‘A’ of the Trade Centre. In the warehouse area, warehouses are situated on three levels: basement, loading platform and first floor. All warehouses, which are not at the loading platform level, have separate elevators. The loading platform is large and comfortable, accessible by TIR truck through entrance ‘B’ of the compound. The administrative part of the building has a luxury main entrance and a lobby with reception desk and receptionist to help those who visit the building. The building is in immediate proximity of restaurant ‘Cult Gourmet’ (Building 11) and to the sumptuously landscaped summer garden and pond with ornamental fish. Owner of the building is “BNK” Ltd.