VIP lounge

Building 11 in Trade Center Europe is of crucial importance. Here are the self-service restaurant ‘Europe’ and the VIP lounge. 

The VIP lounge is suitable for holding management meetings, confidential meetings, presentations and private parties. It has to be booked in advance. 

The building is surrounded by a summer garden with a pond with ornamental fish where tables and sunshades are placed.

The site is in the heart of the compound and is a favourite place of both staff and visitors. In immediate proximity of this building are the three new buildings of TCE – Building 6, Building 7 and the newest one - Building 15, which won the ‘Building of the Year’ award for 2011. 

Access to the restaurant is available through entrances ‘A’ and ‘B’. The near to it parking areas are under the overhead road on Brussels Blvd. and the northern parking area in front of the car wash facilities and service-station.